Saturday, 29 October 2011


...Is what I am not going to talk about at all.

The much more important matter I mast tell you of is that today was the day in 1918 when the independent czecho-Slovak state was established. I mean, come on guys, The Independent Czecho-Slovak state was established who gives a damn about some baseball! in case you thought that was sarcasm, You Clearly do not know me. I enjoy many things that everyone on the internet and/or nine-year olds like; kittens doing "people stuff", Physical comedy, cats, pop tarts, and the word Nyan. Things I do not like include; diseases, Glee, people who play guitar without actually playing guitar, and finally baseball. It's not that I don't like the sport, its a good idea for instance; were a zombie outbreak to occur whist playing it you could use the bat to bash your previous loved ones ever loving brains out. However, It's just too slow of a game for me. it's the same problem with Golf, which is why I propose a new sport entitled "X-treme Golf" (I added the X to appeal to the youths and hoods.). X-treme golf works like normal Golf (referred to as Lame Golf from now on) except for every stroke under par you get an electric shock and having a handicap means you were actually crippled in the sport  Godly activity that is X-treme golf. 

baseball is over, I can now come out of my cocoon and write about the news. Wish me luck!