Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Things I like/Dislike #1: Chocolate covered zombies

So, Two days in and i'm starting a weekly article. In case the title didn't give it away this will be about thing I like and Dislike (So That's why he calls it that). And so we begin L/D (Acronym already that's right!) for week #1 10/11/11.

Like:Dead island.
This is a video game about an island (surprising I know) and theres a bunch of dead people (double surprise) and here's the shocking twist the game isn't about examining dead bodies, it's about zombies! You kill them, decapitate them and befriend them under no circumstances should you befriend them.

Like: Chocolate
Need I explain this? It's chocolate, the cocoa version of, to put it scientifically, pure awesome. Chocolate added to anything makes it awesome. Ex: Milk + Chocolate = liquid awesome. Chocolate + Caramel (pure fantastic) = Awesomtastic. Chocolate + bunnies = the greatest pet ever/the pet with the shortest lifespan

Dislike: Annoying answering machine messages.
Whether there's backround noise or it's one that has two people taking turns saying each. Word. In. The. Message. While. Alternating. If it's annoying it's Annoying and it's bot cute, Puppies are cute. You are not puppies.

Well that's it. If you made it this far you deserve a reward, you're not getting one, but you certainly deserve one. In the future this will have two dislikes but I'm too lazy in a good mood today

rule #1 of life: Chocolate trumps all, even zombies