Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Republican Debates: Adventures of the Black Walnut #1

Now before I start talking about American politics there are two things you should know; I'm not familiar talking about politics aside from "yeah that there president guy is doing great/ruining this country". And Secondly I'm Canadian (Eh) and this is completely Oot of my igloo.

Lets start with the Sugar train, Herman Cain! something about this man makes me want to shout Gospel music at the top of my lungs I have learned that Cain Really seems to like the number nine, so much in fact that he is quite persistent in promoting his "9-9-9" plan. This lowers the corporate tax rate (35% at the moment), to 9%, get rid of all the pesky math of personal income tax and give it a flat 9% tax and a 9% national sales tax. Bachmann cleverly retorted a joke about how when you turn it upside down 'the devils in the details". That's my newly self-appointed job, Bachmann! don't you tread on me or the black walnut will come for you and the entire state of Michigan. I somewhat approve of The lack walnut's plan mostly because i share the love of the number nine.

Rick Perry the Platypus controlling the
Mexican border
Rick Perry, the man who's half smile and half frown that cuts through glass and five types of bricks. he was somewhat quiet but I think i know why, he is... Do bi do bi do wa agent P! It's either that or he's moonlighting as Katy Perry.

Romney, the front runner did what front runners do, he ran in front. not literally of course, unless it was of camera, which i'd like to think it was. He generally badassed his was through this with phrases like "I'm Still speaking. BI-OTCH" okay, he didn't say bi-otch but it was quite heavily implied.

Nines and gospel music?!?! I AM THERE!