Sunday, 9 October 2011

Blogging About Blogging

Today I join the ranks of many famous bloggers (which i could definitely name right now if I wanted to) and take one step away from internet obscurity. Will I take more steps, or will I sit down because walking is far too exhausting  for lazy people like me? Who knows. I certainly don't. If you're wondering what this blog is about because of my vague title which i have crafted (the master of intrigue that I am) then its generally going to be about things that  i like/dislike, 'events' in my life and hopefully amusing the reader (That's You!). I try to update this blog every Monday When I feel like it/get ideas. So, if you have literally nothing else to do and even banging your head on the wall has gotten boring (i pray this will never happen to me) then head on over here to my blog and you will have almost minutes of entertainment at your fingerprints!

Until Then, may your walls be hard and your head harder.