Sunday, 23 October 2011

Albert Pujols and the world series

The world series is well underway, with game three finishing up with a cardinals win. the story of Albert Pujols and the bat that hit everything finished up with Pujols hitting three home runs (having not seen many baseball games I assume this is where he runs to his house before the outfielders catch the ball) leading the Card's to a victory. meaning I believe that they scored more baskets and ran through more wickets than the other guys. The Card's (yeah, I speak baseball, what of it.) now lead 2-1 in the series and i don't know baseball but i'm pretty sure that's good. the cardinals players stepped across all four bases sixteen times to the ranger's seven which means unless the rules have been changed to incorporate  golf scoring St. Louis may be proud. I cant write about baseball, but its news.

I restrained myself from making any 'Pujols' Butt jokes all post and I am proud of that.