Monday, 10 October 2011

The "Next Blog" Button and You

Hi I`m Bloggy The Next Blog themed mascot and here to talk to you about the next blog button. This buttons primary use is to find mothers posting pictures of their children add an exciting new way to find blogs! We advise you to not use the button for an extended period of time as it has not been tested and you may contract a number diseases from it. Non-Threatening Jokes! Bloggy is simply kidding, you cannot contract diseases from the internet, and this should defiantly not be followed by legal action! With the next Blog button you can get directly from pictures of random children to a polish heavy metal band`s website with blood everywhere!(This actually happened to me...)

In case you haven`t guessed my blog (I use the term loosely) has not been taken over by a computer expertly named Bloggy but I was Bloggy all along! What an M. Night Shamalan like twist!

I`ll be out for awhile the button gave me hepatitis. Non-Threatening jokes!