Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Adventures of the Black walnut #3: The Harassment Chronicles

Imagine this, but with open palms and we get a chilling rendition
of Herman Cain's 'harassment'
The black walnut, the seemingly endless comedy vat that I will continue to drink from has once said something along the lines of ; "ya' wanna see some real black walnuts?". Cain says that he was "falsely accused" of sexual harassment which I find a bit hard to believe. Did he actually want o show her some black walnut ice cream and not making a crude sexual innuendo? did he trip into a lady's ass palm-first? however the ladies 'falsely' interpreted it I'd like to look at this in another light; the 'Merican way (for those that don't know 'Merican is a term I've invented to define the pure and slightly redneck way of doing things) now, I ask you who better to represent America than a man who harrases people because if america was a guy at a party we all know he'd be the one at the back getting drunk and starting a fight with that little Vietnamese boy down the street. After all I've been looking forward to another "I did not have sexual relations with..." presidential video since Clinton stepped down. 

*authors note: for the apparent two of you (according to blogger) who are actually reading this, Thank you and please spread the word or I might just have to sick Herman Cain in his 'Grabby-grabby' mood on you.