Friday, 4 November 2011

LSD: likes / (slash) dislikes: Nov. 4/11

Didn't think you'd see this again huh? Well I'm bringing back likes and dislikes (now with a shorter name) to add a bit of variety instead of constant Herman Cain news, as much as I love the adventures of the black walnut. Now onto the 'funny' stuff.

Fairly odd parents/spongebob: I'm not proud of this but since I'm sick (with concentrated evil flowing out of my mouth and into the trashcan) And because of this I've had to watch all the free shows on Shaw VOD. Don't judge me.

Beds: yes, again because I'm sick but beds are just great they are for sleeping and even happy bouncy naked fun-time as the kids never call it. Your bed is your best friend when You're sick (mostly because nobody wants to befriend someone who could possibly vomit on them)

Fruit at the bottom yogurt: if I wanted fruit I would have gotten fruit! When I want yogurt I get yogurt, not yogurt plus fruit. Especially when someone gives you it, and you think it's regular yogurt and then suddenly... Fruuuuuit

Being sick: know why... I'm too sick to even explain this one between fits of vomiting.

Tada! That's all folks. Expect a lot more dislikes as the world inevitably screws me over.